Spanish Lavender

Lavandula stoechas

With aromatic leaves and showy, colorful flowers, Spanish Lavender is a treat for the senses. Create mass plantings for a blanket of color and a welcome destination for honey bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Display in a decorative pot to enhance the beauty of your patio, balcony, or front step. Spanish Lavender is the perfect gift for any occasion and once dried, the buds can create long-lasting, room-freshening fragrance inside your home.

Key Characteristics of your Spanish Lavender


Shades of purple and pink


Anouk Dark Purple
Anouk Deep Rose
Anouk Purple Crown
Anouk Purple Flare
Anouk Twilight


Full Sun/ Part Shade

Bloom Time

April – July


Not for human or animal


Mature Height: 12-24″ (30-60cm)
Mature Width: 12-24″ (30-60cm)

Growth Habit


Caring for your Spanish Lavender

    • A flowering Lavender should not be allowed to dry out as it will shorten the bloom life. Keep your Lavender’s soil moist each day while in flower. Water directly onto the surface of the soil and avoid sprinkling over the flowers as that will shorten flower life. Avoid letting your Lavender sit in water as it is harmful to the roots.
    • Feed your Lavender regularly while flowering with a perennial fertilizer. 
    • Trim after the first wave of flowers is spent. Gather and grasp the top of the plant firmly in your hand and trim off the flower stems. Trimming off the tips of the branches will help shape the plant. The new growth will produce fresh flowers quickly and continue blooming well into fall.